Remote Conditioning Sessions

During challenging times, maintain your health and fitness, keep strong and keep to a routine with remote video conditioning sessions…


Remote Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Via video link it is possible to conduct your rehabilitation programme, strength & conditioning programme or personal training session in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world…

Perform Fitness use Zoom as the video platform of choice, but we can use whichever platform you’d like: WhatsApp video, Microsoft Teams or FaceTime, for example. 

We recognise that in these challenging times, we need to move with the times.

Our S&C and Rehabilitation programming software is already available on the cloud via our Visual Coaching software, so ready to go on your device for rehab or S&C programming.

With the inclusion of video platform conditioning sessions everything that you do physically can be observed and coached from afar, yet you still get pushed and challenged every step of the way.

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Video link sessions are a great solution during the current climate and allow for on-going support through rehabilitation programmes, conditioning sessions or HIIT personal training sessions, for example.

Our strength & conditioning software allows for efficient individual programming where the client can access the cloud based software via their phone, desktop or tablet and follow their conditioning programme remotely.  

Via a video link, technique, advice and appropriate progressions can be advised as if we were in the same room!  Sessions have been completed globally, so even if you’re away for a work trip or family event, you can still be supported and monitored effectively. 

Group or Team based Remote Conditioning Sessions

The video link concept also provides an opportunity for group sessions via different media solutions, like Zoom, WhatsApp video or Google Hangout with friends, teammates or colleagues all over the world!

A group of work mates, friends, parents from school or a sports team can all join in on a scheduled team video call and train all together.

This is a great opportunity to maintain a fitness routine, but also boost team morale and no doubt experience a little bit of banter over the session between everyone!

This will help with both physical wellness and mental well-being: seeing colleagues or friends during isolation is a great boost for all of us and has been shown to increase exercise adhearance and compliance.

Alex can run a group session, for example a home based HIIT session and see everyone on the screen.

It’s a great way to work out with a group of friends or colleagues and is also great fun.

Alex can tailor each session according to available equipment including zero equipment sessions, so do please get in touch if this is of interest.


Remote Sessions

Perform Fitness can run remote video sessions via any media platform including Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video.

S&C programmes for every client include access to cloud based S&C software which is ideal for remote support.

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S&C programmes

S&C programmes for every client include access to cloud based S&C software which is ideal for remote support.

importance of exercise

Stay fit to fight the virus

By ensuring you are fit and strong can help you recover well after illness, medical experts advise.  Such as you may prepare physically to have surgery, medics are advising that the benefit of exercise can also help with recovery after such things as a viral infection.

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Live video sessions

Live video sessions allow good coaching practice and progressions for every client.  These can be group based or 1-1 sessions.

Please contact Alex to discuss remote conditioning options for you or your business.


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