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Perform Fitness have a passion.

This passion is to get you back up and running and fully functional after injury or illness.

Being injured, recovering from illness or being unable to complete the daily tasks that you would like to do is frustrating and we know and empathise fully with this feeling. That is why, based upon almost 25 years of high performance experience with elite athletes we know how to manage and graduate a specific loading programme to help you return to activity safely and therefore creating more resilience and strength to make you more robust and more confident in your future endeavours.

The Rehabilitation Process

You may be referred to Perform Fitness for rehabilitation by your sports medicine doctor, orthopaedic surgeon or physiotherapist, or you may have found me on a search engine or been recommended to me by a past client or word of mouth. Whichever way, Perform Fitness are determined to provide the highest, most professional rehabilitation service there is.

Once you’ve been in touch with us and we have discussed your requirements you will be asked to complete a thorough needs analysis form. This will provide Perform Fitness with all of the relevant information to allow for a thorough and accurate exercise prescription.

Any referral or clinical notes from another practitioner is greatly received and Alex is very used to working within a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best outcome for the client, so this is welcomed.

It is widely recognised that injury prevention programmes or exposure to different neurological stimulus and load can lead to a reduction in injury risk.  Preparing optimally for skiing, a sportive, 10k, half marathon or your own event or team sport can reduce injury risk.  But if you do experience pain or an injury, please don’t give up: Perform Fitness have great experiences working with individuals to help get them back to action with great success.  

Perform Fitness can deliver pre-operative conditioning sessions before surgery whether it is a musculoskeletal or medical intervention. The rationale being that if you go into hospital in good shape then it is statistically shown that you will have a better outcome.

Take control of your situation and be proactive in your health and physical future.


Graduated exercise programming & prescription

Graduated exercise prescription provides the client with an appropriate loading plan and the confidence to progress.

The body wants to work, it is made to work.

When injury occurs once the acute phase has healed then it is time to reassure the body and the muscles into progressive action.  This is a controlled process, targeting appropriate objective goals along the way to help the client achieve a full recovery and return to action.


Return to play

Perform Fitness not only help you return to action after an injury, the philosophies and processes used will help your ongoing physical development and ensure that you become more robust and resilient preventing future injuries. 

This is an investment in your body and long-term health and function and will improve your capacity for load and allows for high function once you’ve recovered and rehabilitated from your injury.

Male spine anatomy

Low Back Pain

Around 80% of us will experience low back pain at some point in our life so lets be proactive and prevent any life affecting problems as much as we can.

Spinal mobility, lumbo-pelvic and posterior chain strength and core strength can help to prevent or solve low back pain and can be part of an efficient injury prevention or body protection strategy for the general population, corporate health, as well as athletes.

Canva - Woman Lifting Barbell

ACL Rehabilitation

Research indicates that we can reduce the incidence of ACL injuries via an appropriate warm up and being fit for purpose and well conditioned.

Re-injury rates are too high: don’t take the risk, rehab properly with objective measures and progressions to support a successful return to play…

Please contact Alex to discuss your injury concerns and how a rehabilitation or pre-op programme can help you.


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