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Media exposure for Perform Fitness…

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Media exposure for Perform Fitness…

Over the course of nearly 25 years, my career in high profile, high performance environments has opened doors to extensive media exposure, including opportunities for filming, articles, and press interviews. Below, I’ll elaborate on some of the notable instances from my journey:

media exposure

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Alex filming the e-learning component of the Strength & Conditioning Modules for the RFU Advanced Match Official Award, of which she wrote the Strength & Conditioning element of the course.

Alex filming for the RFU Keep Your Boots On (KYBO) series: Fit to Referee with her colleague, Clare Daniels at Twickenham Stadium.

Keep Your Boots On

16th January 2017

 The RFU’s professional match officials were hard at work throughout November, with 24 referee or assistant referee Test match appointments…

Alex Reid is their strength and conditioning coach and says: “The physical demands required for the modern day match official requires some respect.

“These athletes are covering between 7–8 kilometres in a match, at an average heart rate of around 80% of their maximum, completing multi–directional, high intensity intermittent bursts of physical exertion, with changes in speed from zero to over 20km/hr.

“This, alongside real time decision making, communication with the players, the other match officials and TMO creates a requirement of physical preparedness, resilience and robustness.

“To be the best, they need to train hard and the programme in place at the RFU is perceived to be an example of ‘gold standard’ globally across other Unions.

The latest in our series introducing the new members of our medical team at Spurs – next up, Alex Court…

11th October 2004

What is your background in your profession and within sport?

I went to university in America, did my degree out there and played basketball with a scholarship. I graduated, came back and as part of my degree I worked at the British Olympic Medical Centre and it was great to work with elite athletes. That gave me a taste of what I wanted…

…Was it always going to be sport for you?
Yes. I played sport at elite level as well – basketball for England – so I’m used to performing at the best you can be. I wanted to work in sport and there is nothing better on the rehab side than if there is a player injured and you get them back. How rewarding is that?

Holding Court

Wednesday 7 November 2001

In the latest in the series “Stories Behind the Faces”, Fulham Today caught up with Alex Court, a key member of Roger Propos’ team working behind the scenes…

…So there you have it….the appliance of science. We’ve come a long way since the days when all an injured player could look forward to would be cold water and some liberal usage of the flat-capped trainer’s magic sponge. But with Alex and her colleagues working their own magic, it’s nice to know that the care the Fulham players of today are getting is the best there possibly is.

Alex can suport you with the same expertise that she has provided to elite athletes over many years:

Don’t leave your performance to chance…

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