Home Based Activity Guidelines: Free e-book



home based activity guidelines e-book

During the current Covid-19 challenge Alex decided to put a programme together for her parents to help them maintain their levels of fitness and develop their strength and balance whilst having to remain at home.

This inspired Alex to create this free home based activity guidelines e-book with the hope that this inspires those of you who must stay home to stay active and stay strong during this challenging time.

Free downloadable home based activity guidelines e-book.

The guidelines include 16 different exercises and progressions that you can do at home with minimal equipment.

The guidelines are for those who are vulnerable, sedentary and may have been asked to stay at home during Covid 19 as well as the over 70’s who have also been asked to stay at home during that difficult time. Although everyone will benefit from the selected exercises and progressions, the load, sets and reps and rage of movement can all be manipulated to suit and challenge just about everyone!

With government guidelines asking us to stay at home over the past few years with the pandemic, the importance of regular exercise, maintaining strength and also balance during this time is very important for both physical health and mental wellbeing.

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