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Fitness Testing and Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring your progress is a great way to objectively assess how your conditioning programme and performance is progressing over time.

Perform Fitness S&C Limited have the experience and the technology to monitor you as an individual or your entire squad or team.

Speed testing, repeated sprint tests, aerobic based field testing as well as strength testing can all be completed. 

In addition, return to play monitoring and fitness testing after injury or illness can help with decisions for return to play or sport. 

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Objective Monitoring

Fitness testing should always be objective, repeatable, valid and reliable.

Perform Fitness have almost 25 years of working in high performance sport where pre-season, mid-season and post-season fitness testing has to reflect the progressions of each athlete accurately.

Perform Fitness can monitor the following assessments at your training ground or local park/pitch:

  • Speed testing with Witty speed cells
  • Repeated sprint capacity tests to include fatigue index
  • Aerobic field based tests:
    • Yo-Yo IRTL1
    • Bronco Test
    • Bleep Test.
  • Height, Body Weight & BMI
  • Sum of skinfolds (via Harpenden Skinfold Calipers)
  • Strength Tests relative to body weight ratio and repetition maximum (RM) testing to ensure effective load prescription and progression.

In addition, Perform Fitness can ensure that your training is more efficient via accurate heart rate training zone prescription.

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Reports for each individual and a team/squad overview can be provided.

Re-tests after conditioning intervention is advised to monitor progress and make any modifications to the training programme.

speed cells

S&C programmes

Having a baseline measure for all of the components of fitness creates a fitness profile for each athlete and can track trends and physical gaps in any training programme.

These gaps can then be filled for optimum performance.

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Personal Training

Strength assessments can be conducted to help with load prescription and also track progression.

The results can be related to body weight to create a strength to body weight ratio which is a relative score to help compare individuals and also track improvement.

There is a large correlation between strength and speed so the results obtained may indicate further conditioning requirements within other components of fitness.

skinfold calipers

body composition

Body composition is an important component of health related fitness.

Baseline measures along with girth measurements can be completed and then monitored over time.


Heart Rate Monitoring

Session heart rates can be downloaded and discussed with each client or athlete to ensure correct training zones and therefore an optimum physical outcome.

Maximal heart rates should be used from maximal fitness testing to create accurate heart rate zones to base training upon.

Please contact Alex to discuss your fitness testing requirements and bespoke pricing.


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