Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training

Bespoke conditioning & fitness programmes built around you to achieve peak performance.


Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training

Perform Fitness can provide strength & conditioning programming and personal training sessions. 

Sessions can be created for 1-1 PT sessions, to vary exposure to different stimulus to help you achieve your goals: improved fitness, weight management, specific training for an event, like a 5k, 10k, football, tennis or team sport physical preparation.  Whatever your goals, we can support and help you reach them.  

Our strength & conditioning software allows for efficient individual programming where the client can access the cloud based software via their phone, desktop, tablet or device and follow their conditioning programme remotely.

Alex can then monitor progress and compliance of the programme and make appropriate progressions to ensure continued overload and adaptation which will ensure progress and improvement.

The software has video clips for exercise clarity, indicates prescribed load (kg) and also provides images of the muscles used to help the client improve their body awareness which ultimately leads to more success in their physical development.

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S&C programmes

S&C programmes for every client include access to cloud-based S&C software.

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Personal Training

Individual or group PT sessions can be provided. Conducted in your local park, the Perform Fitness Gym or remote via video platform.

HIIT (High Intensity Intermittent Training), AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) or aerobic based or high intensity intermittent based running can be conducted.

These high intensity sessions make a significant positive impact on your physical development so are very time efficient ways to develop your fitness and get results.  They are also great fun in a crowd!


Team & Group Conditioning Sessions

Squad training, pre-season training or just a regular weekly conditioning session can be conducted with your work mates, friends or club.

Sessions like ultimate frisbee, volleyball, tag rugby and 5-a-side football can all be conducted with groups or teams in addition to general in-season or pre-season conditioning sessions.

Young athletes

Perform Fitness can support young athletes to help develop their physical fitness and also recover from injury.

Current clients include an England U16 GB Swimming medalist as well as two Surrey tennis champions at U13 and U15 level.  Alex has also worked with high performing youth rugby players and youth Surrey County cricketers.  The goal is always for the individual to enjoy the session but expose them to different exercises to help them develop their long term athletic development and create robust athletes: a focus on body awareness helps the young athlete progress in their chosen discipline.  

Please contact Alex to discuss how strength & conditioning programming or personal training works and get up and running to make a difference now…


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