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Alex Reid has worked with some of the UK’s top athletes for over 25 years

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About Perform: Fitness:

Alex Reid with her S&C Coach of the Year Award for Health & Wellbeing, 2023. Awarded by the UKSCA.

Based in South London, Perform: Fitness: provides bespoke personal training, strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and corporate health service for individuals, teams and employees.

With almost twenty five years’ experience in high-performance sport, we offer tailor-made strength & conditioning programmes, specific individual or group fitness testing, exercise prescription, rehabilitation and return-to-play strategies, return to running programmes and reconditioning – all based upon your personal requirements.

Celebrating Strength & Conditioning coach of the year award, presented by the UK Strength & Conditioning Association in recognition of Alex’s  work within the wellbeing space, Perform Fitness and Alex Reid can support your teams both on the field of play, and in the workplace. 

We ensure that you benefit from the latest and most effective training and rehabilitation plans and testing equipment, helping you to excel in your physical development. We provide thorough analysis, S&C software for programming and physiological reports where necessary, so you can evaluate your progress every step of the way.

“Perform Fitness provides the same high performance rehabilitation and conditioning programming for their clients as you’d experience and expect in a high performance training environment: Don’t leave your performance to chance…”

Our Services

Rehabilitation: Fitter, Stronger & Injury Free

Build resilience, capacity and confidence via personalised rehabilitation.

Strength & Conditioning: Be your Best

Bespoke conditioning & fitness programmes built around you to achieve peak performance.

Wellbeing at Work

Deskercise programmes, remote HIIT and strength sessions in addition to wellbeing workshops and the delivery of fitness & wellbeing masterclasses for your teams in the workplace.

Female Fitness & Menopause

Develop your conditioning and capacity, reduce menopausal symptoms, boost self-esteem and confidence in the gym.


Alex Reid has worked or consulted for a number of companies and businesses, including: 

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